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Dominate Wax

Don’t just do crash-hot packaging. Dominate it.

Talking with uncommunicative teenagers is tough at the best of times – but Matt and Simon cracked it with a bold design and writing strategy.

The Dominate brand has a fanatic band of followers in New Zealand and Australia and a range that has expanded to 15 product variants sold in supermarkets and retail stores in both countries and online.

Nevertheless, with a youthful under 20 male audience, Dominate needs to constantly reinvent itself. With a limited media budget, the communication had to hit the right buttons to get sales, while supporting the brand’s street cred.

A new strap-line was created to reinforce what Dominate stood for:
Don’t Just Do it. Dominate It.

Next came a series of ads, posters and banners that took a hard look at try-hards, oddballs and sub-cultures and set the challenge; No matter what you are into, just Dominate it. Copy reflected an irreverent tone and attitude and created a strong connection across all areas of communication.

Ultimately, however, the success of a product is judged by sales – especially in grocery. A series of gift set boxes and new Shower Wash pack had to satisfy the shopper’s desire (mums!) to get their young men looking and smelling good. But in true teen spirit anything we did on pack needed to slip under Mum’s radar and still be decoded and enjoyed by our younger less PC conscious audience.

This was achieved by creating an abstract background to the packaging, which on closer inspection, revealed a treasure trove of un-PC visual images. The artwork was created from New York grafitti that Matt Campbell had photographed over 10 years, mixed with some random shots of crashed cars, guns and tanks. This was teamed with sharp, irreverent observations of the crazy world we live in. Have a read!

This same tone and manner rolled easily into an online personality on Facebook for Dominate’s many followers and conversations unfolded, but always with Dominate taking a dominant stand-point and attitude.

In the words of our customers – teenage boys