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GE Money Case story

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The lost art of letter-writing. Found with a whole new twist.

Customer letters can make - or break – a customer acquisition. So when GE Money launched Gem Visa, Indiego was charged with getting the tone just right for more than 200 letter templates.

GE was launching the new VISA card in Australia and New Zealand. Once the customer was approved, the system sent out a range of customer service letters to encourage sensible lending behaviour.

This required writers who understood the financial and legal implications of any information they gave, yet at the same time were able to simplify the message. Cue Indiego writers, Libby and Suzanne, with Sue on project management.

Consumer research showed that the target audience (young families juggling a household income) were anxious about debt and lacked financial knowledge. A clear and concise approach was needed when communicating with this group.

So first-up our writers set up sample letters across all possible scenarios depending on the consumer needs; ranging from additional card request, direct debit application, to hardship. The tone also changed from both encouraging and assisting, to sterner letters around debt and non-compliance.

Financial jargon and scary legal-sounding phrases were out - replaced with plain English explanations of the customer’s responsibilities and GE’s processes.

From there, more than 200 letter templates were completed - and well within the client’s project timing. What’s more it flew through legal! To finish the project, Indiego updated the brand guidelines to include writing guidelines for future letter iterations.