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Macau Tower, Macau

Our tourism expertise helped Macau Tower get a view of the next 10 years.

As Macau Tower looks towards the next decade of opportunities - our strategic thinking and design inspiration is helping the team define its place in the rapidly changing local and Asian market environment.

The Shun Tak Group have always been a company of bold moves - Dr Stanley Ho built the Macau Tower in 2001 to recognise the handing over of Macau to China.

Ten years later, the tower, restaurants, theatre, retail and convention areas needed a complete re-think to remain competitive against new entertainment players in the rapidly growing Las Vegas-like cityscape.

‘Being there’ is everything, so our tourism experts began with an on-site evaluation and strategic session involving staff and stakeholders in Macau. From here, we developed a 50-page strategic blueprint in conjunction with the Shun Tak Group, a leading conglomerate in Hong Kong (HKSE 242).

This was then developed into full brand design concepts encompassing all areas of the business, with two directions; one more Eastern influenced – the other West.

Our work with this client is highly confidential and will take many years to complete. But already, in just six months, significant progress has been made – and this has directly affected the end of year balance sheet. The Shun Tak team are committed – and they are a great group of people. It’s also fascinating working in China.

In the words of our client...

“Indiego is an agency with an innovative business model and it really appealed to us. They offered us significant strategic depth and industry knowledge together with a collaborative and cost-effective approach.

Indiego’s knowledge of Tourism and Tower business in particular has been enormously valuable and their contribution has strengthened our organization at a strategic and creative level and perhaps most importantly, energised and motivated our key management team with all the possibilities that we can create for Macau Tower.“

然而Indiego最吸引我們之處是他們有著創新商業的經營模式。Indiego為我們提供了有深遠戰略上的重點及行業知識; 同時又能符合整體運作及成本效益. Indiego 對旅遊業和高塔業務有著獨特的見解,而且為本公司的策略和創意貢獻良多﹔與此同時也能激勵和推動我們澳門旅遊塔的管理團隊。

- Rutger Verschuren Chief Operating Officer – Hospitality Division, Shuntak Group