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Westpac New Zealand

One of NZ's largest websites. A massive deadline. Who you gonna call?

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Westpac needed a new 300-page website written super quickly. And super well. Indiego said "no problemo", and stepped up with five financially-savvy writers and an IA specialist.

With complex technological needs, developing a new site can take a massively long time. Time Westpac didn't have.

So they took a far more entrepreneurial approach, pulling together a small team of smart, fast operators to work collaboratively on-site with Westpac internal teams.

Indiego was there from the first whiteboard session. While Heidi helped the internal team with usability and digital production, Sue nutted out writing templates, page IA, style of voice and budgets.

Then came the firepower - five digital writers who could also nail the new brand voice. This breadth of writing talent enabled Indiego to bring instant knowledge to the table. So, for the home loans, investment and insurance sections, we used writers with experience in these industries, while we had a younger writer doing Student Loans.

The challenge was to simplify and clarify the different banking products This involved working on-site with the various Westpac divisions to 'find the insight' about each bank product and develop a strategy for communicating the offer in the easiest way. The ultimate goal was to create an action such as a sale or customer query.

Everything was written with an eye to converting 'search' to 'sale' as well as using a fresh tone of voice which reflected the new Westpac brand personality. Last but not least we created an online writing guide which enabled internal staff to write for online.

Then came the quickfire jobs...

With six Indiego writers now au fait with the new tone of voice, Indiego has continued to work with this client, with jobs ranging from a few simple letters, a mailer, brochure overhaul and an internal programme for the intranet.

“Indiego were integral to our new website development from the get-go. Sue, Rose & their exceptional team offered us instant expertise around strategy, and a pool of writing and usability talent who simply 'got it'. Their flexible style of working, can-do attitude and industry experience allowed for the perfect working relationship to meet a tight delivery date. Thanks team!”

Sarah Davies
Marketing Manager - Online